REALasticity is HERE!

Take control of your life and own your truth with REALasticity. Stuck in a rut?  Can't understand how you got here?  Not sure what's next? Join Sarah McKinzie & Amy Myers and their guests to answer the big question of “Why Am I Stuck?” in life, love, and in the quicksand of mediocrity.  Join us on this REAL LIFE Journey, and let’s stretch out of your comfort zone and snap back to REALity.


Resonate. Engage. Activate. Live!


Episode 1: REAL Life & REALasticity's Origins

Listen to co-hosts Sarah McKinzie and Amy Myers share how they came together to form REAL Life and REALasticity.  They talk about why it's important to discover your personal truth, how you get stuck, and how to move forward.

Want to be a guest?!?  Join me as we find out why we're stuck and how we can move forward!

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